Business premises in Kelantan issued RM30,000 compound for selling face mask above control price

The compound was issued for selling the three-ply face mask at RM2 per piece. – Bernama

KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan office of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has issued a compound offer of RM30,000 to a business premises here for selling face masks at above the ceiling price set by the government.

The ministry's Kelantan enforcement chief, Azanizam Affendi Juri said the compound was issued for an offence under Section 11 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act for selling the three-ply face mask at RM2 per piece, which is above the ceiling price of RM1.50 each.

He said the ceiling price set by the ministry is 15 sen each for the one-ply face mask, 20 sen each for the two-ply face mask, RM1.50 each for the three-ply face mask and RM6 each for the N95 face mask.

According to Azanizam, his office had conducted checks at 1,200 business premises, comprising markets, supermarkets, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers in the state to ensure compliance with the current Aidilfitri festive season price control scheme.

He said since the scheme was implemented this year, his office had received four complaints, comprising three for selling above the control price and one for failing to display price tag.