360 homeless folks in city to undergo training for work

Annuar said a number of homeless people who had undergone health screening and free of COVID-19 had started work during Ramadan and are doing well. -BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR: About 360 homeless people around the city who were rescued during the Movement Control Order (MCO) will undergo training and motivation courses before starting work after Aidilfitri.

Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said a total of 300 of them would attend the course in Sepang, Selangor for a month while another 60 would be sent to a training centre in Kuantan, Pahang for three months at the expense of the ministry.

"We found that 60 of them have some problems, especially those who had been involved with drugs but are now healthy and want to work.

"They need to go through a long-term recovery process and that is why we are sending them to attend the course in Kuantan.

“The other 300 people who were used to a mundane lifestyle have yet to get accustomed to a scheduled and disciplined routine.

"The group needs to undergo a training process, they have the potential which can’t be put into practice yet,” he told reporters after distributing Hari Raya contributions to the group here yesterday.

He said the ministry would work with the Malaysian Armed Forces, psychologists, counsellors and health authorities to provide systematic training in preparation for a work environment that requires dedication and discipline.

"This would cost around RM 3.4 million which would cover rental, meals and equipment for the course facilities. Resolving the issue of homelessness cannot be done in a piecemeal manner, it has to be done until they are out of the gutter and hopefully never having to return to it,” he said.

He said that after completing the course, some of them could have job options through interviews and if not selected they would be absorbed into the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) team to assist with the beautification and cleanup programme. They will be housed at the Desa Park dormitory here which is in the process of completion.

"Between 70 and 80 of the sick, the aged and the disabled will be handed to the Department of Social Welfare while the drug addicts will be handed to the National Anti-Drug Agency. Those who do not have valid documents will be sent to the Immigration Department," he said.

Meanwhile, he said a number of homeless people who had undergone health screening and free of COVID-19 had started work during Ramadan and are doing well.

Asked about the latest report about a new group of homeless in Kuala Lumpur, he said they had come to the city to look for a job and experienced temporary homelessness.

“We are prepared to assist them. If they are forced into homelessness, they can report to DBKL and don’t have to sleep under the bridge. I have asked DBKL to create a unit which would look into their welfare,” he said.

He said those who are capable and healthy can be placed at the wholesale market and do maintenance work, which requires 50 employees for RM1,400 a month.

It was reported in the media yesterday that a group of homeless people were found around the city, believed to have just come to Kuala Lumpur from nearby areas for food assistance.