Ti calls for more non-bumiputra youth involvement in govt-related programmes

KUANTAN: Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker (pic) has urged more non-bumiputra youths to come forward and actively participate in programmes and activities organised by the government.

He said the involvement of all levels of society across the various races, religions and ages was needed to ensure that the government’s goals in the implementation of its programme would be achieved.

“The government’s programme will not succeed if it only involves a section of the society without the involvement of the entire Malaysian Family.

“Every community has its own strengths and better success can be achieved if all parties work together and cooperate,” he said in a statement after officiating at the Bera district Malaysia Sports League (MSL) Basketball Championship in Kampung Baru Kerayong, Bera, Sunday (May 29).

For example, Ti referred to the admission of trainees at the Youth and Sports Skills Training Institutes (ILKBS), which is in dire need of response from non-bumiputra youths as the training provided is very good and meets the needs of the industry.

The ILKBS, according to Ti, is also the best platform for the upskilling and reskilling of youths in a short period of time, which greatly helps to improve skills and careers in the long run.

“Parents need to play a key role by removing the stigma related to ILKBS because of the very high marketability rate of 95%, besides it also helps the country produce more highly skilled youths,” he said. – Bernama