RMAF puts on spectacular air show at Dataran Merdeka

KUALA LUMPUR: Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) assets roaring through the sky in conjunction with the National Day parade captivated thousands of spectators at Dataran Merdeka here on Wednesday (Aug 31).

The flypast for about eight minutes, with its mesmerising display of aerobatics, received thunderous applause, cheers and waves from the audience looking up at the skies above.

Many also took the opportunity to snap pictures of the jet fighters.

For the first time, the RMAF air show segment was held separately from the march past contingent to allow visitors to enjoy the formation flight demonstration.

The flypast segment was also handled by commentators from RMAF itself, namely Capt Aslam Hariri Abdul Rashid and Lt Nurshahira Nazarudin.

The spectacular air show involved various assets including fighter jets, transport aircraft and helicopters.

The segment began with a flight formation of five Sukhoi SU-30MKM supermaneuverable fighter jets, followed by four EC 752 AP and three AW139 helicopters, and ended with a flypast of BAE Hawk fighter jets, VIC formation flight by Sukhoi SU-30MKM, The Flanker, F18 D, and The Mighty Hornet aircraft.

According to the commentators, the fighter jets are capable of carrying out various aerial attacks such as ‘air to air combat’, ‘air to ground’, ‘air support’, ‘aerial bombing’, ‘reconnaissance’, ‘electronic warfare’ and ‘suppression of air defences.

The air show segment this year combined the skills and expertise of three branches of the armed forces – RMAF, Royal Malaysian Navy and Malaysian Army – as well as assets from the police, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Fire and Rescue Department. – Bernama