Rafizi’s proposal on food stockpile is not new, says Isham

PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli’s proposal for a food stockpile is not a new idea as the government has already started to import chicken stocks since last week, says Isham Jalil.

The PKR deputy president-elect had said on Saturday (June 25) that the government should consider implementing the stockpile policy and restructure various ministries to better address supply shortages.

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Rafizi had said the stockpile policy, which has proven to be successful during the 1970s food crisis, would empower the government to purchase and store food supplies and basic necessities including petrol and diesel, in bulk.

However, the newly appointed Umno supreme council member said Rafizi belittled the proposal of the party to set up an Unggas Board to manage the issue of shortage of chicken supply.

“Rafizi does not have a new idea to solve the problem, but he only knows how to criticise, condemn, belittle and copy other people’s ideas,” Isham said in a statement.

He said while stockpiling may be a short-term solution to the problem, there also has to be a long-term solution to reduce dependency on imported stockpiles such as by increasing domestic food production.

“That is why we need a special agency to study, plan and implement this matter for a sustainable and long-term solution.

“When an agency or board is set up, it is not necessary to have a new workforce, instead existing civil servants can be seconded to the new agency without an additional expense to the government.

“I see Rafizi does not understand this issue, he only knows how to talk to get attention and for political rhetoric that does not help the people,” he added.