OAAM calls to provide your #message4Malaysia

As we inch towards celebrating our 64th Hari Kebangsaan, we wanted to take the opportunity to unite all Malaysians to join an initiative that not only allows us to share our love for Malaysia, but share a piece of each of our hearts through a message for our beloved motherland.
The Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia (OAAM) began an initiative, popularized by the hashtag #message4Malaysia with messages from its members being aired on 440 digital out-of-home screens in about 100 different areas across the whole nation.
With the pandemic hitting our economy harder than ever, our feelings are mutual with OAAM when we say that now is a time when we all need to inspire and encourage each other and share our thoughts with the whole nation.
So far there has been an overwhelming support for the initiative from both members and non-members of OAAM including 22 fellow media owners. This has happened for the first time ever in Malaysia, and the support is not just a gesture of kindness, but one that boosts the moral of citizens across the country.

With such an overwhelming response from media owners, OAAM is calling out to all Malaysians to share a piece of their hearts with us through a message, which will be aired nationwide across all the digital billboards to inspire every Malaysian out there on the road.
Newly elected Vice-President of the Outdoor Association Advertising of Malaysia (OAAM) Mary Koh says, “The pandemic has impacted many businesses and people globally and locally. And out-of-home industry was hit the hardest. Out-of-home was used to broadcast PSAs and collaborative CSR campaigns with NGOs and delivery platforms during the lockdown. Admiration and praise for those who risked their lives on the front lines dominated the digital out-of-home (DOOH) landscape.”
“As media owners, we see the opportunity to spread positivity, especially with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. OAAM took the lead to bring media owners, members and non-members to sprinkle the city with quotes on hopes and aspirations from key leaders in the industry through #message4Malaysia.”
Mary concludes, “This will showcase DOOH as being relevant to drive engagement for audiences. Research findings indicate that DOOH has shown resilience and success in delivering +51% shift in ad recall and increase of +16% for purchase intent among advertisers who continued to invest in OOH across 2020.”*


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(*source: Outsmart.org.uk)
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