Man abducted to Myanmar after applying for job in Thailand

GEORGE TOWN: A 36-year-old trader is looking for his brother who went missing after allegedly being offered a job in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chung Soon Tatt said brother Chung Soon Guan, 38, went to work in Bangkok on April 1 after seeing the job opportunity on Facebook.

“On April 25, my brother contacted me to say that he was brought in a van to an outskirt area in Bangkok, Thailand and was brought to Myanmar.

“He said he was in danger and was in a difficult situation.

“However, my brother cut the line in a rush,” he said in a press conference organised by the Jelutong MCA division at its premises in Jalan Taman Free School on Friday (May 6).

Soon Tatt added that he tried contacting his brother a few times but was unsuccessful.

“My brother contacted me again at night and said that he wanted to come home immediately.

“My brother said he was tortured and was not given food for a few days.

“The last time my brother contacted me was on April 30,” he said.

Soon Tatt said someone called him and asked for RMB90,000 (RM60,000) to get his brother home safely.

Meanwhile, Jelutong MCA chairman Chuah Chin Chuon urged the public to always be careful and not fall prey to scammers.