Harumaini’s six months’ absenteeism cut-off date was Jan 28, says Selangor Speaker

KLANG: Selangor Legislative Assembly Speaker Ng Suee Lim says he did not blindly eject Selangor Pejuang chief Harumaini Omar from his Batang Kali state seat.

Ng said Harumaini’s six-months absenteeism cut-off date was on Jan 28 but he had taken some time to be sure.

“I could have ejected him on Jan 28 itself but did not do so because I wanted to make sure of his status and do it the right way.

“So I checked the Selangor Constitution as well as asked for guidance and advice from the state legal officer’s chambers before making the announcement,” said Ng when contacted on Friday (Feb 17).

Ng also said the decision was made based on Articles 69 and 70 of the Selangor Constitution which stipulated that the date of absenteeism is calculated from the first day he does not attend.

On Thursday (Feb 16), Ng said Harumaini had not been attending assembly sittings since July 28, 2022.

Article 69 of the Selangor Constitution says that the calculation of absenteeism must be from the first day the assemblyman does not attend and not the last sitting he attends.

There were three legislative assembly meetings in 2022, from March 14 to 18 and March 21 to 25; July 25 to 29 and Aug 1 to 5; as well as Nov 23, 25, 29, 30, and Dec 5 and 6.

Harumaini had full attendance at the first meeting in March, partially attended the second meeting between July and August and was absent for the third meeting between November and December.

“He had to just attend one day, sign in and stay for about 30 minutes and the calculation would not have come up to six months of absenteeism,” he said.

Ng said he was only doing his duty as the Speaker and there was no element of partisan politics in his decision.

“I treat everyone equally and fairly and have to execute my duties as the Speaker to the best of my ability,” he said.

Ng had announced on Thursday that Harumaini had been expelled for being absent from State Legislative Assembly sittings without notice for six months.

The Speaker had also written to the Election Commission (EC) informing that the Batang Kali seat had fallen vacant following Harumaini’s ejection.

Both Harumaini and Pejuang information chief Rafique Rashid had said that his (Harumaini’s) absenteeism should have been calculated from the Nov-Dec third meeting, which he had not attended, and hence the six-month mark would have been in May 2023.