Sony Unveils The Last of Us Part II PS4 Pro, Wireless Headset, and Seagate Game Drive

With just one month to go before the much-anticipated release of The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2), Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has unveiled several limited edition products for the game. The biggest of them being the specially themed TLOU2 PlayStation 4 Pro.


Draped in a matte finish, the TLOU2 PS4 Pro features an engraved design of the tattoo belonging the game’s main character, Ellie. Alongside the console, there is also a matching DualShock 4 controller that also features the tattoo on the lower right-hand side of its body as well as TLOU2 logo on the touchpad.

TLOU2 PS4 Pro Bundle will also come with the SteelBook version of the game together with vouchers for digital contents such as PS4 Dynamic Theme, six PSN avatars, digital soundtrack, and mini art book made by Dark Horse.

SIE has also crafted TLOU2-themed PlayStation Wireless Headset which also featured a matte finish, Ellie’s tattoo design, and the game’s logo together with crimson inner ear cups. The company has also partnered with Seagate to release officially licensed TLOU2 Game Drive with a capacity of 2TB.

Before you get too excited, we do have a piece of bad news for you though: in its response to our query, SIE stated that TLOU2 PS4 Pro and Seagate Game Drive are not scheduled for release in our market for the time being. So, only TLOU2 DualShock 4 controller and Gold Wireless Headset will be available in Malaysia on 19 June which will be priced at RM 279 and RM 449, respectively.