OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Camera Feature To Be Disabled In Future Update

OnePlus giveth, OnePlus taketh away. Well, that’s exactly what will happen to the accidental “X-ray” camera feature on the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone that we’ve reported a couple of days back.


In an official post on Weibo, the company had announced that they will disable the camera’s aforementioned ability in a future update. OnePlus explained that the removal is necessary, as the feature had raised concerns in regards to user privacy. The company also formally apologised for the inconvenience in the post.

Just in case you missed it, several OnePlus 8 Pro users had recently discovered the camera’s X-ray ability when using the colour filter feature on its app. This enabled the camera to see through certain plastic materials via IR technology, thus revealing the interior components of devices such as an Apple TV unit and so on.

Although most users expressed amazement at the OnePlus 8 Pro’s supposed hidden feature, the company made it clear that the ability was not intended whatsoever. According to OnePlus, the software update addressing this issue will be rolled out within a week’s time.

As mentioned earlier, the update will only disable the unintended function, while the camera’s colour filter feature will still remain.

(Source: OnePlus [Weibo] via Mishaal Rahman | Header image: Digital Trends)