Alleged Intel Core i9-13900K Overclocked To 6GHz

It appears that someone has managed to overclock an alleged Core i9-13900K to a frequency of 6GHz and sustain it. The news comes just after a report that was posted at the start of this week, when an alleged 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700K was also overclocked to 6GHz.

The alleged proof of the feat was posted on the Chinese social media platform, Baidu, by an individual who goes by the user name “Xiaochun”. Xiaochun is making the claim that they have successfully managed to overclock a 13900K, of 6.09GHz, to be a bit more precise.

(Image source: Baidu via Videocardz.)

On paper, both the 13900K and 13700K are expected to be similar, the main exception between the two being the number of E-Cores they possess: the 13900K will have double that of the 13700K, at 16 E-Cores instead of eight.

That being said, it is also clear that Xiaochun had only overclocked the eight P-Cores of the 13900K to 6GHz, while disabling the E-Cores. Additionally, they also said that no “exotic cooling” was used in the process, leaving us to believe that they used an air cooler or a simple and uncomplicated form of AIO cooling. In our experience, it is likely to be the latter, given the kind of temperatures that CPUs typically hit when made to run under higher than average clockspeeds.

Speaking of temperatures, one of the screenshots also shows the temperature of the 13900K running between 27°C and 38°C. It’s an indication that, at the time the screenshot was captured, the CPU was running idle and not being tested.

Moving on, the CPU-Z test used by Xiaochun shows the alleged 13900K scores 976 points in the single-core test, all while running with a voltage of 1.546V. For comparison’s sake, that’s more or less on the same level as the 13700K. However, the Baidu user did mention that they were able to reach 1000 points, but that was with E-Cores enabled in the Hybrid mode.

(Source: Baidu via Videocardz)

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