You Can Now Terminate Touch n Go RFID Tag Online

Touch n Go (TnG) is making it easier for users to terminate their RFID tags should they need to do so. While the tag’s termination previously needed to be done manually, it can now simply be done online with a few clicks through the company’s RFID portal.

All you need to do is login to your account, find the specific RFID tag you wish to terminate under the “My Vehicles” section, and click on the “Terminate tag” button in the action drop-down menu. You then have to state your reason for terminating the tag, ranging from voluntary termination to your vehicle being sold off or stolen.

touch n go tng rfid termination
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Before this, it was quite a hassle to terminate the tag as it required you to either email TnG or call a customer service hotline. Casting back even further, RFID tag pilot testers used to have to submit all their details in a Google Form to request for termination.

The tags are not transferable and each one is uniquely tied to a registered customer and vehicle. In it’s FAQ, the company clarified that it will not refund fares charged to your e-wallet if you sell your vehicle and fail to terminate your RFID tag.

You should also keep in mind that if your RFID tag is defective, you do not need to terminate it and buy a new one as you are entitled to one free replacement. However, if you do terminate it, you forfeit your right to the free replacement; those using tags from the RFID pilot programme are not eligible for a replacement.

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(Source: TnG/Facebook)

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