WhatApp Now Lets You Preview Voice Messages Before Sending Them

Whatsapp preview voice message

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that lets users preview their voice messages before they press send, just in case you want it to sound better and really nail down those notes. The feature is rolling out on all of WhatsApp’s platforms, including iOS, Android, desktop, and web.

The feature works on both individual & group chats and requires you to turn on the hands-free lock by sliding up after you tap the microphone button. Once you are done, just press the stop button and press play to listen to it. You can then choose to delete or send it, giving you infinite redos to achieve perfection.

WhatsApp has been heavily focusing on its audio message department the past year, with a suite of new features already released, such as the ability to speed up playback of voice messages, to a bunch of tools that are still under development, such as audio transcriptions.

The Meta subsidiary is also working on adding a pause and resume function so you can stitch together one long voice note without awkward pauses. Adding to that, a global voice message player seems to be in the works so you can play and pause the audio from everywhere in the app, even if you’re in a different chat.

(Source: WhatsApp.)

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