WearGPT Brings The ChatGPT Fun To Your WearOS Wearables

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If you have the time to spare, ChatGPT is quite the model toy to play with. But if you think getting the experience on dekstop is too limiting, there’s now a smartwatch option. Or more specifically, a WearOS option. Someone has made an app called WearGPT, which is basically the same language model on your WearOS smartwatch.

The app itself has been around since the start of the month at least, with the creator also having put up a Reddit post to promote it. But the app itself is about as self-explanatory as it gets if you’re already familiar with ChatGPT. One difference between the two is that, since WearGPT is a WearOS app, it also features voice input and output functionality. On the Google Play Store, the makers of the app tout this as something that is for those “who prefer hands-free communication or have visual impairments”.

With WearGPT, you also get the ability to “adjust the header parameters and the model to match your preferences and needs”. That, and there’s support for multiple language responses. Which all sounds pretty good on paper. But in reality, there can be some issues.

WearGPT screens
Source: Google Play.

This is simply because ChatGPT usually gives very long responses to most prompts. While this is fine on desktop, this will be a pain on a smartwatch, regardless of which output option you decide on. If you choose to read the responses, you’d be straining your eyes to read its multi-paragraph answer to your single-line question. Similarly, if you chose the voice output option, you’ll have to listen to it drone on and on as it reads out the paragraphs. Making things worse is you either have to turn the volume up so that you – and everyone else in the room – can hear it properly, or you have to put your smartwatch up to your ear to hear it.

Either way, should you have a compatible WearOS device, and want to give WearGPT a go, then you can get it via the Google Play Store, linked below. If you’re a Reddit user, you can also provide feedback directly via the post created by the app’s makers.

(Source: Google Play, Reddit)

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