This Year’s Merdeka and Malaysia Day Logo Is Clearly Based On The Wi-Fi Icon

Merdeka Day / Malaysia Day Logo 2022

It is a long-time annual tradition for the Malaysian government to announce a theme and logo to kick off the Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebrations. For 2022, the unveiling by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM) took place earlier today.

In case you’re wondering whether the above logo for the 2022 Merdeka and Malaysia Day is real, I can assure you that it is absolutely the real deal. In case you feel that your eyes have completely deceived you, just take a look at the official manual released by K-KOMM right here [pdf].

Merdeka Day / Malaysia Day Logo 2022
[Image: K-KOMM / Facebook.]

The manual didn’t specifically say that the logo is based on the Wi-Fi icon but come on, who are we kidding here? After all, the icon is so ubiquitous in our lives since it has been there for so long on our PCs, phones, tablets, smartwatch, credit card terminals, parking machine card readers, and tons of other devices.

While K-KOMM’s manual didn’t mention Wi-Fi’s name outright, the ministry did say that Internet network coverage is indeed the concept behind the logo. It supposedly represents the development of infrastructure and communication systems as well as the country’s rapid digitalization.

Merdeka Day / Malaysia Day Logo 2022
[Image: K-KOMM / Facebook.]

The signature Jalur Gemilang’s blue, yellow, and red colourways are meant to represent the harmonious multi-cultural nature of the people in Malaysia. On the other hand, the red dot at the bottom part of the logo stands for the identity and patriotic spirit that became the foundation behind the formation of this country.

Not to forget, the manual also said that the logo’s arrangement depicts the openness among Malaysians in celebrating their differences and diversity in the name of mutual progress. Completing the logo set is the familiar Keluarga Malaysia iconography as well as the Teguh Bersama slogan which has been chosen as this year’s theme.

Malaysia Day/Merdeka Day/National Day Logo Collection
[Image: Johawaki Group / Twitter.]

Beauty is indeed a subjective matter but this year’s logo is quite horrendous in my opinion. While having Internet connectivity as the inspiration behind the logo is rather intriguing, this year’s creation seems like a minor tweak to the Wi-Fi icon and is nowhere close to previous Merdeka Day/Malaysia  Day/National Day logos over the past few decades.

Okay, maybe except for 2012 which looked horrible too. All being said and done, given that the logo has already been unveiled through an official ceremony, I don’t think my opinion matters much though.

To be honest, it will likely grow on me anyway. Just like many other things in this blessed country that we called home.

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