The Next Splinter Cell Game Could Be An Open World Title

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Back in October, word got out that Ubisoft is revisiting the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell franchise and that a new entry is already in the pipelines. Now it seems that the latest rumours are suggesting that the next Splinter Cell title could be an open-world one.

The rumour comes from Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_), a prominent leakster who is noted for sharing some interesting and sometimes on-the-nose details about video game titles that have yet to be released. Case in point, Henderson was the one who began spilling details about Battlefield 2042 and its mechanics, well ahead of its launch.

In any case, Henderson’s sources says that the new Splinter Cell game is in “early development” and for the most part, he says that it could end up becoming another open-world title. To put it in another way, the source says that the game could end up being a more “stealthy version” of the Assassin’s Creed, by which we’re guessing that he’s referring to the current state of that franchise, post-Syndicate.

Beyond that, Henderson seems to be in the dark about other details, such as if Sam Fisher is set to be the main protagonist again, or if the game is set to introduce a new Fourth Echelon (4E) member, one where players will get to customise their facial details, voice, and gender, just like Ubisoft allowed in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

The last Splinter Cell game to be released was Blacklist, which came out nearly a decade ago in 2013. Since then and as our esteemed writer puts it: Hopefully, this new Splinter Cell, being one of the last surviving series in the military tactical stealth genre of games, can deliver what fans really want instead.

(Source: Games Radar)

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