The First Energise By Petronas EV Fast Charger Goes Online In Gambang

Energise by Petronas EV Fast Charger

When Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) launched its first-ever fully-electric model for our market, the Mercedes EQA 250 back in March, it also marked the first public unveiling of the Energise by Petronas EV fast charger. After a long while, the first location for the charger is finally online.

The genesis of Energise by Petronas EV chargers took place way back in November 2021 when Petronas, MBM, and EV Connection (the operator of JomCharge) signed a deal to deploy five fast chargers at selected Petronas stations. These chargers are part of a pilot phase to enable end-to-end EV fast charger coverage for the North-South Expressway as well as part of the East-Coast Expressway.

Energise By Petronas EV Charger Gambang East
The Energise by Petronas 180kW (2 x 90kW) DC fast charger at Petronas station in Gambang East R&R area. [Image: PlugShare.]

Back then, the original plan was to have these chargers live by the first half of 2022. However, it was only recently that the first Energise by Petronas fast charger goes online at the Petronas station within the east-bound Gambang R&R area of the East-Coast Expressway.

First pointed out by the Zero Emission Vehicle Association (ZEVA) and confirmed by the Malaysian EV Owners Club (MyEVOC), the timing of the charger’s deployment seemed to go nicely with the recent launch of MBM’s second fully-electric model, the Mercedes EQS 450+. The PlugShare profile for the charger noted that it has two CCS2 connectors that can deliver 90kW each.

Energise by Petronas EV Fast Charger - Setel and JomCharge
The Energise by Petronas charger at Gambang, as shown inside Setel (L) and JomCharge (R).

As for the charging fee, it has been set at RM2.20 per minute. Naturally, the activation and payment for this charger can be done through Setel and JomCharge apps.

In general, it seemed that Petronas had a rather busy month when it comes to the EV charging ecosystem. This month alone, we have noticed a massive expansion for Setel’s EV Charging feature which has since grown to 18 locations.

Gentari JomCharge EV Fast Charger - Setia City Convention Centre
Setia City Convention Centre is among the latest EV charging locations under Gentari and JomCharge.

The expansion is also inclusive of chargers that are under the responsibility of the company’s new green-oriented subsidiary, Gentari. Meanwhile, the new Energise by Petronas fast charger in Gambang is a much-welcomed addition to the EV infrastructure for the east coast region of Peninsular Malaysia which only have a handful of chargers in Pahang and Terengganu.

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