Tales From The Borderlands Sequel Will Be Out This Year

Tales from the Borderlands sequel

If you liked Tales from the Borderlands, then this may be good news for you. There’s a sequel in development, and it will launch sometime this year.

Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford said during a presentation at PAX East that a new Tales from the Borderlands game will be announced in summer. Or between late June and late September. This is then followed by a tweet by the studio’s official Twitter account. With this announcement of an announcement, there’s naturally not much information about the game. There’s not even a trailer for it yet.

Gematsu reports that during the presentation, Pitchford said it will be published by 2K Games, as usual. But development will be done in-house by Gearbox. The original Tales from the Borderlands was made by Telltale Games, which has closed down back in 2018 before getting acquired and relaunched by LCG Entertainment. It would be interesting to see if Gearbox will try to emulate the formula or go somewhere else entirely with the title.

As mentioned, not much else is known about this new Tales from the Borderlands game yet. We’ll just have to wait until the actual announcement that’s coming in a few months’ time to find out more about the game.

(Source: Gearbox Software / Twitter via Gematsu)

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