Subang Airport Skypark Link Train Ticket Now Costs RM3.50

KTM Skypark Link

Originally launched in May 2018, the Skypark Link service provides an express train route between KL Sentral and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. Starting from today, the service which is under the purview of KTM Berhad (KTMB) will be much more affordable than before.

Instead of RM10, passengers now only have to pay RM3.50 for the service – a significant discount of 65% over the old price. At the same time, KTMB has also revealed that it is planning to increase the frequency of Skypark Link service from 25 to 32 times per day.

KTM Skypark Link
The Skylink Link route. [Image: Derkommander0916 / Wikimedia Commons.]

Subsequently, the national train corporation also aims to serve 3,000 Skylink Link passengers per day by 2023. This is because KTMB is not only pitching the Skypark Link service to air travellers that want to make the journey to or from Subang Airport but also to commuters that looking for a direct route from the Subang Jaya station to KL Sentral and vice versa.

Some may have noticed it from the image above but in case you are not aware of it, the Skypark Link utilizes the older second-generation KTM Komuter train which is known as the KTM Class 83. For those who didn’t know the existence of a train station at Subang Airport, the Terminal Skypark station is located right next to the airport’s open-air car park.

Terminal Skypark Google Maps
The location of Terminal Skypark. [Image: Google Maps.]

According to the latest schedule published on KTMB’s website [pdf], Skypark Link’s first service begins at 5:55 AM in KL Sentral while the service at Terminal Skypark starts at 6:45 AM. As for the final train service of the day, it takes place at 7:25 PM in KL Sentral and 10:45 PM at Terminal Skypark.

When it comes to travel time, it generally takes the service around 40 minutes to go from one end to another. Unlike KLIA’s ERL service which has its stations integrated into KLIA and KLIA2, you have to use Subang Airport’s pedestrian bridge and the walkway at the open-air car park in order to get to the Terminal Skypark station from the airport building.

[Source: MOT Malaysia / Facebook.]

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