Sonic LEGO Set Gets Leaked Ahead Of Official Reveal

LEGO Sonic

LEGO has a ton of collaborations with other brands. Among the standouts in recent memory include the one with Nintendo that brought Mario and Luigi into the brick dimension. The next one looks to be one with Sega, with a set featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.

VGC reports that the Sonic LEGO set has appeared ahead of schedule on the online marketplace Mercado Libre. The set lets you recreate the iconic Green Hill Zone from the very first game. It even comes with gold rings to complete the picture, and a very rough-looking Dr Robotnik.

All that being said, this isn’t a set that came about via a partnership with Sega directly. Instead, it’s part of the LEGO Ideas line, where fans suggest their own dream sets to the company, which then decides which ones to approve. No doubt Sega will be involved to some degree since the blue hedgehog is its IP, but it’s not the primary factor this time around.

This Sonic set is also a pretty basic LEGO set, from the look of things. That is, it doesn’t come with tech that you’d normally expect to see in phones like NFC, the way the Super Mario series does.

LEGO should be making an official announcement soon regarding this Sonic set. When it does, hopefully the company has local prices bundled in as well.

(Source: Mercado Libre via VGC)

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