Skate 4 Online Mode Allows Collaborative Skate Park Building

Skate 3

The development of Skate 4 was officially announced last year, as well as the fact that, when it launches, it will be available for PC. Playtests are being held this week, and it looks like pre-alpha footage from these sessions have made their way online.

More recently, according to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb via his Grubbsnax podcast that the online free skate mode of Skate 4 will have a collaborative element. In it, players will be able to build skate parks together. As he describes it, “people can lay down the skate park stuff … in real time with everyone else”. The players involved will be able to add and delete stuff on the fly.

Considering the online hub type of shared space, there will likely be a lot of customisation options in Skate 4 as well. This will be for the player character as well as their skateboards. Not exactly the most outlandish of features, since these have been around in the other skateboarding series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, for the longest time.

All that being said though, judging from the leaked footage, Skate 4 look like a long way away from an actual announcement, much less a release. It’s going to be a massive gap between the last game in the series and the next.

(Source: Giant Bomb / YouTube, Jeff Grubb / Twitter)

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