Shoot For The Stars – Celebrating 11 Years With OctaFX

OctaFX 11 anniversary

Everyone has heard of investing and Forex trading. But when it comes to actually investing on your own, things can start to seem complicated and daunting. Trading may sound simple enough, but jumping into the investing world yourself is a whole other story altogether.

Here’s where OctaFX comes in: the broker has been offering access to currency, commodity, crypto, and indices trading with award-winning conditions to its users in ways that are accessible to newbie investors for the past 11 years. If you’re thinking about starting Forex trading but aren’t sure where to start, OctaFX makes everything accessible no matter your experience or knowledge.

With its 11th anniversary in full swing, OctaFX announced a visual rebranding to truly reflect what the global broker is all about.

Shoot For The Moon And The Stars, Too.

OctaFX 11 anniversary
Image: OctaFX

When it comes to investing, everyone has different goals and needs. No two people go into Forex trading or investing expecting the exact same outcome out of their experiences, and with learning how to invest comes figuring out what goals you personally want to reach as well.

With clients from over 150 countries that have opened more than 12 million trading accounts with the broker, the amount of unique and varying goals is endless. Taking this into account, the broker has decided to adopt a fresh new look to represent its mission: OctaFX exists to ensure everyone can achieve their investment goals.

With refined colours and a new logo, OctaFX draws inspiration from space-inspired elements in their new visual branding. Picturing their clients’ investment goals as stars in the broad universe of finance, the new logo is meant to represent the different and unique needs of their clients and their mission to help them in achieving their goals.

Celebrating 11 Years Of Brokerage

OctaFX 11 anniversary
Image: OctaFX

Over the last 11 years, OctaFX has curated its content and interface to help clients realise their various investing goals, all while learning how to trade in the first place. With 2500 educational webinars and over 600 million traders learning from OctaFX’s experts on Youtube, the broker facilitates the investing process for its users by providing them with free educational materials.

For more than a decade, OctaFX has achieved many accomplishments. Having received 50 awards and executed one billion trades, the brokerage company has definitely made its mark in the financial markets.

OctaFX is always online. Having already processed 8.8 million requests and dedicated approximately 96,800,000 minutes to resolving issues and answering questions, the broker is constantly expressing its client-oriented approach.

But OctaFX doesn’t plan on stopping there. As the financial world continues to change, OctaFX aims to continuously adapt to its changes to meet the expectations of its clients, regardless of the obstacles and challenges that may occur on the way.

Forex trading and investing is no longer a niche market the average layman cannot jump into. So, if you’ve always been interested in investing but never knew where to start, feel free to follow OctaFX on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and official website to learn more.

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