Rapid KL Extends Pasar Seni Express Bus Service To Morning Peak Hours

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Last week, Rapid KL announced the introduction of a new express bus service as an alternative for LRT commuters, albeit for very specific stops. The public transport operator has since announced the expansion of the service to also operate during the morning peak hours, with a slight twist.

As a refresher, there are two existing routes for this Rapid KL Express Bus service. One is between KLCC and Wangsa Maju stations, designated as route SH01. The other connects the Pasar Seni and Universiti stations, which is designated as route SH02. With the new announcement, SH02 now operates between 7:30AM and 9:30AM as well, and passengers will have to board from the same Pintu B bus stop. It doesn’t look like route SH01 is getting a morning peak hour counterpart.

In addition to SH02 running in the morning, Rapid KL has also announced a new route, SH03, which connects Pasar Seni and KLCC stations instead. This will also be running during the morning peak hours of between 7:30AM and 9:30AM. As before, this new route is only accessible during the weekdays, with the frequency of busses being every 15 minutes. That being said, the announcement made no mention of this new route operating in the evening.

Naturally, the service is still free of charge. This is in line with prime minister Ismail Sabri’s announcement last week, stating that all Rapid KL public transport services will be free for a month. As an aside, this also applies to KTM Komuter rides as well.

It was a little odd that Rapid KL only announced this express bus service only for the evening peak hours, without its morning counterpart. Now that it has been announced, things are still a little weird as there’s only one route in common between the two.

(Source: Rapid KL / Twitter)

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