Qudi Mask Shows Its Wearer’s Emotions With 199 LEDs

Qudi Mask 5

CES is as much a show where brands show off things their customers can buy as it is a show where they show off wacky concepts to gauge interest. Sometimes we get something that’s a strange combination of both. One example is the Qudi Mask.

It’s quite difficult to look at the Qudi Mask and say it was not inspired by Wrench from the Watch Dogs series of video games. It has a pair of translucent eye goggles and a mouth cover, with 199 LED “pixels” between the two.

Qudi Mask side
Qudi Mask
Qudi Mask 3
Qudi Mask 4

Using these LEDs, the Qudi Mask will change what is displayed corresponding to the wearer’s speech. It can show one of six emotions at a time, which are love, smiling, shocked, confused, angry, and a cat face. HYPEBEAST reports that it also reacts to yes or no head nodding movements. There’s even an equaliser mode for when you have music playing on your phone, and a demo mode where it cycles between 12 built-in animations.

Qudi Mask yes
Qudi Mask no
Qudi Mask sad
Qudi Mask cat

If you are interested, you can actually buy the Qudi Mask for US$289 (~RM1209). The company provides free international shipping, but says that delivery could take up to two weeks. So that’s one piece down for your Wrench cosplay.

(Source: Qudi via HYPEBEAST)

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