PlayStation Acquires Jade Raymond’s Studio Haven

Jade Raymond

Last year, video game dev veteran Jade Raymond announced that she was starting up her own studio called Haven. At the time, Haven was meant to be an independent studio with Sony’s backing, since the announcement came via the PlayStation blog. Now, the console platform owner is adding the studio it is backing into its own list of first party devs.

From the blog post by PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst though, it probably was part of the plan all along. That aside, the company has also shed just a little bit of light onto what Haven is working on.

And it really is just a little bit. While we had no idea what the game was a year ago beyond it being a new IP, now, all we know is that it will be a modern AAA “multiplayer experience”.

The idea of a “multiplayer experience” is not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t sink too deep into the live service trap. Whatever the game ends up being, it’s now more likely than ever that it will be a PlayStation exclusive of some sort. Not that there was any doubt when Haven was first announced last year.

(Source: PlayStation)

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