Pakej Perpaduan Unifi For Fixed Broadband Is Here: 30Mbps For RM69 Per Month

Pakej Perpaduan Unifi

Following the announcement earlier this month, local Internet Service Providers have begun to offer the Pakej Perpaduan for fixed broadband to customers. Among them is the country’s largest telco, TM which has crafted the package around the existing Unifi Home 30Mbps plan.

Available until 31 December 2023, the Pakej Perpaduan Unifi is meant only for individuals under the B40 income group and disabled persons (OKU) as well as senior citizens aged 60 years and above. It is also available for the veterans of national security forces such as the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), and Malaysia Coast Guard (APMM).

Pakej Perpaduan Unifi
[Image: Unifi]

In general, the Pakej Perpaduan Unifi for fixed broadband is a barebone package which provides a download speed of up to 30Mbps while the upload speed has been capped at 10Mbps. While those figures are identical to the standard Unifi Home 30Mbps plan, several perks have been removed from the highly-targeted package.

For example, there is no free six-month access to Lionsgate Play for Pakej Perpaduan Unifi. The package is also not eligible for the 30-day free trial and six-month 100Mbps speed upgrade as well as the Smart Device add-on offerings.

Nevertheless, customers that signed up for the Pakej Perpaduan Unifi will still be provided with a free Wi-Fi 5 router by TM. Do note that the package comes with a 24-month contract and customers need to start paying RM89 per month for their Internet starting from the 25th month onwards.

Pakej Perpaduan Unifi
The registration site for Pakej Perpaduan Unifi listed only B40 and Senior Citizens as customer categories. [Image: Unifi]

On top of that, the Terms & Conditions document

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also said one needs to fork out RM100 as an upfront payment if the registration is being done without involving MyKad verification. However, this amount will be reverted back into the customer’s second-month bill as a rebate.

TM has also noted that B40 individuals and senior citizens can register for the plan through Unifi’s website but OKU and security forces’ veterans can only do it manually at a TMpoint outlet. This is because the verification process for these customers which involves a database that belonged to the Ministry of Communications and Digital can’t be done online just yet.

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