New Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer Flips The Script On Peach

Super Mario Bros Movie kart

Nintendo announced the Super Mario Bros movie back in September of last year. At the time, the biggest headscratcher was the fact that Chris Pratt would be the one to voice Mario. Universal Pictures subsidiary Illumination, which is the studio producing the film, has released another trailer, which introduces more characters, and their possible roles in the movie.

Beyond the characters though, the Super Mario Bros movie features a lot of easter eggs and references to the game franchise as a whole. There’s the Rainbow Road, a very recognisable track featured in virtually every Mario Kart game. The race kart itself also makes an appearance, with other characters from the franchise in their racing getup and their choice of vehicles.

Super Mario Bros Movie Luigi
Source: Illumination / YouTube.

Of course, it’s not a Super Mario Bros movie without referencing the game’s platforming element. Despite it being part of the journey to Bowser’s castle, the trailer plays these parts out seemingly for laughs, with Mario goofing through most of them. The trailer also gives the impression that it’s Peach who prepares the “platforms” for Mario, as if it’s supposed to be part of a training regiment preparing him for Bowser’s castle.

There’s also a strange role reversal, with Luigi being the one captured by Bowser for some reason. Princess Peach, on the other hand and seemingly in addition to being the one to train Mario, also looks to be organising a resistance of some sort in anticipation Bowser’s arrival. Which feels like something more suited for Princess Daisy instead.

Finally, we get to the voice acting. Pratt’s Mario remains divisive to say the least. But on the other hand, Charlie Day does a fantastic job as Luigi, possibly even better than Jack Black’s portrayal of Bowser. Either way, you can check out the new Super Mario Bros movie trailer yourself, and make up your own mind about what you feel about it.

(Source: Illumination / YouTube)

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