Microsoft Has A Special Edition Xbox Series S For The Lunar New Year

Xbox Series S tiger edition

The current generation Xbox has had a fair number of special editions. It started off with the Xbox Series X getting the Spongebob and Ninja Turtles editions, as well as the excessive Gucci Edition. Now, the Xbox Series S is getting a Lunar New Year special edition.

Xbox says that this very limited edition Series S console was made with the help of Chinese cartoon artist Bu2ma (Bu-er-ma). And since it’s the year of the Tiger that’s coming up, the console and its accompanying controller has the animal featured in the art that’s on the devices.

The special edition Xbox Series S does look very pretty, but as mentioned, it’s a very limited edition console. Xbox says that they only created 15 of these custom consoles, and they will be given away via sweepstakes for fans in countries where the company has an official presence. In other words, none for us here in Malaysia.

While it’s a pretty console, it will remain something that’s unobtainable here on our shores. Then again, even the stock variant of current generation consoles are difficult enough to get, thanks to the ongoing chip shortage. If you’re lucky enough to own a PS5, you can probably get something that’s sort of Lunar New Year-themed if you are lucky enough to also snag a Cosmic Red faceplate.

(Source: Xbox)

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