Meta Avatars Store Now Available In Malaysia

meta avatars store

Last year, Meta launched the Meta Avatars Store, an online store selling virtual clothes for your avatars across the company’s platforms. Today, the parent company of Facebook announced that the Meta Avatars Store is making its debut in Malaysia, offering digital clothes from several brands.

The store is available across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and in VR, allowing you to sync your avatar’s looks and outfit across Meta’s ecosystem. To access the store, you first need to create an avatar for your account — you can find instructions on how to do so for Facebook and Instagram here if you haven’t made one already.

meta avatars storeThe store has a wide selection of virtual clothing, ranging from fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Prada, to popular Netflix shows like Squid Game and Stranger Things, and even Liverpool FC outfits for football fans. “Be it football, food, or fashion, there’s something for everyone, in addition to the quintillion combinations of customisations already available. We hope people can represent themselves in more diverse ways, and look forward to people showing off their creativity,” said Nicole Tan, Meta’s Country Director for Malaysia.

Tan added that the metaverse is intended to be inclusive and diverse, with options that allow users to customise their facial features, body type, and clothing styles that best represent themselves. The premium virtual avatar outfits range from RM9.90 all the way to RM42.90 for brands such as Thom Browne.

meta avatars storeUnlike when buying clothes in the real world, the terms of service of the Meta Avatars Store state you cannot get a refund on the metaverse clothes — so think long and hard before buying that Balenciaga hoodie for your avatar. Of course, the store still has plenty of free outfits to choose from as well as free accessories, so you don’t necessarily need to pony up real cash to dress up virtually.

(Source: Meta press release)

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