Maybank2u Website Goes Out Of Service Following System Maintenance

Maybank2u Website

UPDATE [3:30 PM]: The site is now accessible once again. Scroll further for more info.

Maybank earlier today notified its customers that the Maybank2u website is currently inaccessible. While the reason behind the disruption was not revealed in the announcement on its website and social media channels, it is possible that this might be related to the system maintenance that the bank performed on the site last night.

Yesterday, Maybank has said that its Maybank2u and mobile banking services would be out of service from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM. Things seemed to be going well as the bank then released a notice at around 7:20 AM on its Facebook and Twitter to inform customers that all of its services were already back to normal.

However, Maybank then released another notice (shown above) just before 9:00 AM which said that the Maybank2u website is not accessible to users. That being said, customers still can utilize the MAE and M2U MY mobile apps to get things done according to the bank.

When we visited the site at around 12:50 PM, it is quite obvious that the site is really struggling to load to the extent that it took around two minutes for the processing error to appear for us. At the time this article is published, Maybank has yet to provide an estimated recovery time for the website.

Maybank2u Website Down 6 Aug 2022
As captured on the Maybank2u website at 12:52 PM today.

We will keep you posted once we see or receive further updates from Maybank regarding the situation.

UPDATE [3:30 PM]:

Maybank released a brief notice at 3:17 PM that the Maybank2u website and web services are now available as usual once again.

However, the bank didn’t provide any further details regarding the cause of the disruption which has made the site inaccessible since this morning. Hence, it still made us wonder whether it is related to last night’s scheduled system maintenance.

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