Maxis Still Scrutinizing 5G Access Agreement While Digi Does Not Have A Launch Date

Maxis - Digi - Oct 2022

Throngs of 5G-related announcements came barging through our inbox today as major local telcos have finalized their access agreement with the national 5G company, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB). That is with one exception though: Maxis.

Through a brief press statement that was issued earlier this evening, the telco said that its board is still looking into the governance requirements of the 5G access agreement. The statement did not say when exactly this process will be completed or if there is any sort of dateline that Maxis needs to adhere to in regard to the agreement.

Maxis 5G
Maxis 5G demonstration with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020 at Maxis Centre KLCC.

Hence, the telco did not mention any launch date for its 5G service in the statement even though it kept on pointing out that 5G will be part of its multi-technology converged network that also includes fibre and satellite. As noted in our report, Maxis has previously turned down the offer to obtain a minority stake in DNB.

On the other side of the spectrum (heh), Digi announced that it has indeed signed the 5G access agreement with DNB on Sunday, 30 October. Under the deal, the telco which also owns a 12.5% stake in DNB, will be able to provide 5G services via the national 5G company’s infrastructure for the next 10 years.

Digi 5G speed test during Langkawi Trials in late 2019.

While this deal also marked the shift to a network leasing model in regards to 5G, Digi pointed out in its announcement that the telco will continue to invest in its own core network and data centres as well as Digi’s nationwide 4G+ network. However, it has no further announcement in regards to 5G availability for its customers at the moment as the telco is still going through 5G network testing together with DNB and other technology partners.

DNB 5G MOCN Six Operator
DNB 5G MOCN demo featuring all six major Malaysian telcos in December 2021 at Putrajaya.

At the moment, 5G access can be obtained from YTL Communications’ Yes 5G service since last December and has also begun to Fixed Wireless Access service while 5G is also available through TM’s uni5G offerings right now. Celcom will be turning on 5G for its customers tomorrow and U Mobile will also do so on 3 November.

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