Maxis Customers Not Going To Get 5G Until The Government Sorts Out Implementation Policy

Maxis 5G

Maxis has decided to delay the process of seeking approvals from its shareholders in regard to the 5G access agreement with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB). This decision was once again revealed through an announcement to Bursa Malaysia.

Back in November, the company said its board has completed the assessments on the governance requirements of the 5G access agreement. Without revealing any in-depth details aside from saying that there is a “substantial undertaking involved”, the telco said that it wants to ask for approvals from its shareholders before making the next move.

Maxis 5G

The approval phase is supposed to take place this month but just last week, the Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said during his official work visit to Kelantan that the implementation policy for 5G will be tabled in the Cabinet before the end of this quarter. On that basis, Maxis has decided to delay the approval process altogether according to its Bursa’s announcement earlier today.

As the decision now totally depends on how soon the government will finally be able to come out with a definitive 5G implementation policy, this means the telco no longer has any estimated timeline to inform its customers in regards to when exactly they will be able to utilize 5G.  You may have heard that some of Maxis customers were somehow able to connect to 5G last month but when we reached out to the telco to obtain further information, we were met with total radio silence.

Maxis 5G

Nevertheless, that showed the telco is more than ready to deliver 5G to its Maxis. In fact, we have already seen various forms of Maxis 5G’s implementation since early 2019.

Unfortunately, it is going to take at least another two to three months before Maxis customers are finally able to properly experience 5G themselves and that is even if the government can finalise the 5G implementation policy according to its own projected timeline.

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