It’s Official: The Next Dragon Age Will Be Titled Dread Wolf

Bioware has released the official title for the fourth instalment of the Dragon Age series. As of today, the new and upcoming Dragon Age game is now officially known as Dread Wolf.

From the reveal of the title as well as the teaser trailer Bioware uploaded near the end of 2020, it was already established that the main antagonist of the latest instalment will be Solas: the character, who was introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition as the Elven companion of the Inquisitor, who is the titular Dread Wolf and who also goes by the name of old Elvish name, Fen’harel.

If you’re new to the series or if you’ve never played Inquisition, here’s the breakdown: Solas is one of three mage companions in the game, who is introduced at the very beginning of the game. Since his appearance nearly a decade ago, Solas’ character has garnered both positive and negative attention from fans. Seriously, you either hate him or you love him, and there’s no middle ground to the subject, at least, based on the fan comments that we’ve seen on Google and some of the threads.

Throughout the game, the elven mage is someone knowledgeable in the magical arts and will appreciate it if you ask him questions. God forbid, you disagree with him, though. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to interact with him on multiple occasions and even accompany him on a personal quest at his request. However, after your victory against Corypheus, the chief baddie of Inquisition, he leaves the Inquisition without even so much of goodbye and don’t hear from him until the final DLC of the game, Trespasser. It is then that Solas returns and reveals himself to be the Dreadwolf, Fade bent on destroying the world.

Returning to more official news, it was stated on a blog post that the company will be releasing more news in regards to the game later this year. The little details that we do know about Dread Wolf though, is that Bioware seems to have ditched EA’s Frostbite game engine – a mainstay in several EA titles that include the Battlefield series and the third Dragon Age instalment – and chosen to develop the game around Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Although Bioware has not announced a specific date of release for Dragon Age: Dread Wolf yet, the long-awaited RPG, fantasy game is expected to make its debut some time in 2023.

(Source: Bioware, The Verge)

Irfan Iskandar contributed to this article.

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