Intel To Gradually Launch ARC Graphics Cards Next Month

The latest rumours about Intel and its ARC Desktop graphics cards are now suggesting that the launch windows of the components have supposedly shifted. Instead of a grand launch, the chipmaker is said to have readjusted its plans into a quiet and gradual launch event, instead.

The news comes from German-based tech reviewer, Igor Wallossek, founder and creator of Igor’sLAB. According to Igor, Intel internally decided to move up the launch of its ARC desktop to a time between 5 August and 29 September 2022. Apparently, that time frame is the best opportunity for the Blue Team to meet their current timeframe.

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In all fairness, Intel’s launch window for the ARC desktop graphics is figuratively quite restrictive; this basically means that the chipmaker will have no choice but to, for lack of a better word, bumrush the launch of its remaining Alchemist-based cards, two of which we already know to be the A770 and A750, while the third card still remains unnamed.

As mentioned at the start of the article, because of the tight time frame, that also means that Intel’s remaining ARC A-Series GPUs won’t be given all the pomp and circumstances that is usually to flagship GPUs, much like NVIDIA and AMD does with their GeForce and Radeon series, respectively.

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Igor also adds to that point by saying that, given the time frame, Intel has already obviously prepared some finished cards internally, all of which are set to be sent out to a handful of media and tech journalists, all at short notice for reporting. At this stage, we already know several media within China will be getting the card, but which other countries outside the mainland will receive these finished ARC GPUs, remains open for interpretation.

Also, any reviews that come out for them are clearly going to be Limited Edition GPU numbers, meaning that proper, objective reviews of the ARC series are likely to only appear after the cards become more widely available.

(Source: Igor’sLAB)

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