Intel To Drop “iX” Moniker From Core Series Name

Intel has confirmed that, beginning with its upcoming 14th Gen Meteor Lake, it will be dropping the “i’ moniker from the branding of its Core series. Moving forward, the CPU lineup will be known as the Core “Ultra” series, with the numeric variation standing alone.

For example, the next generation of Intel 13th Gen refresh and 14th Gen CPUs should go by the designations of Core Ultra 3, Ultra 5, Ultra 7, and Ultra 9. This detail was confirmed by Bernard Fernandes, Director, Global Communications at Intel Corporations, following a leak of a mobile series Core Ultra 5 1003H being listed in the benchmark page for Ashes of the Singularity.

What remains uncertain is whether Intel intends to standardise the new branding changes across the board. By that, we are of course referring to both the desktop and laptop series. What is known, however, is that the blue chipmaker intends to release a refresh of its Raptor Lake series, so again, it’s likely that the change in the names will be reflected as early as then.

As to why Intel has decided to undergo a rebranding, Fernandes says that this is due to his company having reached an “infection point” in the development of its product’s life cycle. For that matter, this decision can also be viewed as the company taking a leaf out of AMD’s book.

(Image source: AMD.)

Some of you may remember that last year, Team Red announced a new product naming scheme for its future Ryzen processors. It is both a clean and effective approach, as well as being a lot easier to understand what each number in a CPU’s designation means. For example, the first number denotes the model year; the second the market segment; the third the architecture; the fourth indicates whether it is a lower or higher model; and the alphabet at the end indicates what sort of form factor it is designed for.

In any case, here’s to hoping that we’ll hear more from Intel in the coming weeks.

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