Instagram Adding Improved Ways To Filter Recommended Content

Instagram Quiet Mode Filter Recommended Content

Instagram has recently introduced several new features to its platform, which places emphasis on user focus and better content recommendation. These include a new Quiet Mode, the ability to filter multiple uninteresting posts, as well as avoiding recommended content by blocking certain keywords and hashtags.

Firstly, we have Quiet Mode, which is aimed at setting focus and screen time boundaries, therefore allowing them to spend time off from Instagram without facing any distractions. Activating this feature will update a user’s profile and activity status to denote the change and, of course, turn off all notifications coming from the app. In addition, being under this mode will also direct any incoming private messages from other users with an auto-reply notifying them of your unavailability.

While it might not be for everyone, this feature could be useful to those who spend too much time browsing or interacting on social media. Meanwhile, deactivating Quiet Mode will have Instagram provide you with an update of any missed notifications and messages you’ve received during your time away from the app.

Instagram Quiet Mode Filter Recommended Content
Image: Instagram

Another new addition is the ability to mass-select multiple items on the Explore page as uninteresting, or “Not Interested”. By doing so, Instagram’s algorithm will adjust and prevent from showing you content similar to those that you’ve selected, which includes the likes of photos, Reels, and even search options. Moreover, the platform has also included a way for users to add words, phrases or emojis to a list of things to be filtered out from being recommended on your feed or appearing in the Explore page. 

Unfortunately, this latest rollout is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for now. Instagram says it will eventually add more countries to that list soon, but did not provide a timeline.

(Source: Instagram [official blog] / Adam Mosseri [Twitter])

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