Indie Dev Shows What The PS VR2 Looks Like In Real Life

PS VR2 Bit Planet Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced the PS VR2 back in January. But the company waited until near the end of February before actually showing what it actually looks like. And it would be four months later before the next generation VR headset gets seen “in the wild”. Though as you’d expect, this was an accidental leak by an indie game dev.

Bit Planet Games, probably best known for its Ultrawings flight sims, tweeted an image of the PS VR2 headset with a pair of Sense controllers. The tweet was quickly deleted, but that didn’t stop the image from cropping up again on Reddit.

The PS VR2 looks pretty much the same as what the official images suggested they would look like. There’s also a long cable rolled up which, while its full length was not shown as part of the official images, is pretty much the usual kind of cable length for tethered VR setups. Also in the shot are two translucent plastic bags, with a USB-A connector just about visible on one of them.

PlayStation VR2
Source: PlayStation.

As Metro reports, the dev would then put up another tweet saying “Guess what’s coming to PS VR2?”, but this time with the usual promo image. Presumably this is a reference to one of its games being available on the platform. Another user would poke fun at the earlier blunder, to which Bit Planet Games would brush it off with “looks fake to us”.

It’s not too surprising that the PS VR2 would first find their way into the hands of developers. That being said, what’s frustrating is the fact that SIE has yet to announce an official release date for the headset. Though as the report points out, the company previously announced that a VR title called The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution will be available on the PS VR2 in 2023.

(Source: Reddit via Metro)

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