Huawei’s Upcoming Smartwatch Comes With Integrated Earbuds

huawei watch buds smartwatch integrated earbuds

Tech giant Huawei is set to unveil a new smartwatch in China soon. While not much about it is known at this time, a teaser video hints that the upcoming product will be the first wearable from the company to feature integrated earbuds.

The short clip reveals that the device, known aptly as the Huawei Watch Buds, will feature a circular display which can be flipped open to reveal a hidden charging compartment. Additionally, also included on the device’s watchface is a dedicated section of the screen that shows the battery indicator for each earbud which, by the way, is hinted to sport an unconventional bullet-like shape. However, that’s pretty much all that was shared by the company.

Interestingly, a YouTube channel known as QSQTechnology have recently posted a hands-on video featuring the new wearable a couple days before its scheduled launch. Shown in the minute-long clip is a more thorough look at the Huawei Watch Buds, revealing both the smartwatch and its integrated earbuds in their full glory.

Most notably, the bullet-shaped buds appear to be magnetically attached on the underside of the watch’s display instead of its body. Besides that, the wearable itself is shown to feature a button of some sort that is situated on top, which will release the locking mechanism that keeps the display in place.

huawei watch buds smartwatch integrated earbuds
huawei watch buds smartwatch integrated earbuds

While the Huawei Watch Buds’ two-in-one design is innovative, it is actually not the first smartwatch to debut the integrated earbuds approach. In fact, that honour instead goes to the 2019 Wearbuds by Aipower, which originally started as a crowdsourcing project. Unlike Huawei’s device, the startup’s product range incorporates a design where the earbuds are stored within cavities situated on the side of the watch’s body instead.

huawei watch buds smartwatch integrated earbuds
Aipower Wearbuds (Image: Aipower)

Nevertheless, Huawei will be the first major tech brand to introduce this idea to the mainstream market, so it still has that going for it. The new Watch Buds was originally planned to be unveiled tonight but, much like other events that’s scheduled to happen in China around this time, has been postponed in order to pay respect to the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

(Source: Huawei [Weibo] / QSQTechnology, via Android Authority)

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