Govt Announces Ban On Roadside Parking, Street Vendors During Peak Hours In KL

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The ministry of federal territories and DBKL has announced several short to long term measures in the interest to curb the worsening traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur. These include the introduction of several bans, and enforcements of certain road laws during morning and evening peak hours within the city.

The measures were decided during the Kuala Lumpur road congestion task force meeting that was held yesterday, chaired by deputy federal territories minister Datuk Seri Jalaludin Alias. One of which is the banning of roadside parking during rush hours, which are seen to be a common cause for congestion, as vehicles parked on the side often take up a lane on an otherwise multi-lane road. It is also looking to cancel street spots that are situated along major roads entirely, which is set to be implemented in stages.

Hawking or vending on roadsides during morning and evening rush hours are banned as well. This is intended to prevent traffic build up along the roads, especially by motorists who stop or park their vehicles nearby to purchase from these merchants. DBKL added that it will cancel roadside vendor lots in stages.

The task force also imposed an immediate ban on large lorries from entering the KL during peak hours. Specifically, heavy vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes are not allowed to enter the city centre from 6:30am to 9:30am in the morning, and 4:30pm to 7:30pm in the evening. Jalaludin says that those caught violating this will be subject to action under Section 79 of The Road Transport Act 1987 by the PDRM and the road transport department (JPJ).

In addition, both DBKL and the police’s traffic department will drastically enforce other measures to ensure that all newly imposed bans and laws are adhered to. These include setting up new physical signboards and Variable Message signs to provide awareness to motorists, enforcement of yellow box offences at junctions, recommendation of using multi-use toll plaza lanes in place of current dedicated lanes, and providing tidal flow lanes during peak hours. Additionally, DBKL notes that it is currently conducting an in-depth review of the KL traffic light system for potential upgrades or improvements.

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Also proposed during yesterday’s meeting are five long-term actions. These include the improvement of first and last mile connectivity for public transport, upgrades to services such as the GOKL bus and organising campaigns to promote public transportation, better integration between highway operators and traffic management, new support infrastructures (underpasses, covered walkways, etc), as well as the enforcement of bus lanes in the city centre.

(Source: Ministry of Federal Territories / Jalaluddin Alias)

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