Digi Extends 5G Free Trial Access; Introduces New 5G Booster Add-On

Digi 5G trial access booster telco malaysia

Not long after its other half’s announcement earlier, Digi too revealed that it has extended its free 5G trial to 30 April 2023. At the same time, the yellow telco added that it is also extending the access to the newer infrastructure to even more of its customers through a new monthly 5G Booster, which replaces the 5G Speed Booster add-on from November.

According to Digi, the new 5G Booster is available starting today for postpaid subscribers, while those using prepaid will have to wait until 16 March 2023 for its respective rollout. However, the telco notes that the latter only applies to selected monthly internet plans, though it did not specify which. Additionally, activating the booster will cost subscribers RM 10 per month in order to enjoy the faster network infrastructure on their respective plans.

But as a special introduction to customers, Digi says the monthly fees for all 5G Booster activations will be waived throughout the free trial period. In other words, both postpaid and prepaid subscribers will get to enjoy free 5G access on their respective plans for two months upon activation.

digi 5g free trial access booster
Image: Digi

Thereafter, the standard fee of RM10 per month will apply after trial ends, starting 1 May 2023 onwards. However, Digi states that customers on postpaid plans above RM 90 will continue to enjoy the 5G Booster for free. Regardless of which, keep in mind that usage of 5G will also apply to the user’s monthly quota. Additionally, the booster free trial access is also available for all Digi Business customers based on the eligibility of their respective rate plans.

The telco adds that more booster options will be introduced in the coming months, with the aim of providing flexibility for customers to choose their preferred 5G experience. More information on these new products will be announced in the second quarter of 2023.

digi 5g free trial access booster
Image: Digi

The new 5G Booster add-on is available via the MyDigi app for mobile devices. To activate, click on the Buy Add-Ons in the app, select 5G Booster from the selection, and then tap on Confirm to complete the purchase.

(Source: Digi press release / official website)

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