Death Stranding Director’s Cut Heads To PC In Spring 2022

Death Stranding

Death stranding was ported to PC in July of 2020. Then last year in September, the game got its Director’s Cut. Now, publisher 505 games has announced that it is bringing Death Stranding Director’s Cut to PC too.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite date as to when that is happening just yet. All we got is the vague window of spring this year, which is anytime between late March and late June. But at least we know that it will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Those who already own the base Death Stranding may be wondering, is there an upgrade path from that to the Director’s Cut. You are not alone, as there are plenty of people asking the same question in replies to the announcement tweet. No surprise there, especially after what happened to Control Ultimate Edition back in 2020, which was also published by 505 Games. On that front, the publisher says it will have more information at the end of January.

Having no concrete release date yet, it’s no real surprise that the game also has no price just yet. But at the very least you can bookmark or wishlist Death Stranding Director’s Cut on the digital storefront of your choice while waiting.

(Source: 505 Games / Twitter)

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