Clip Featuring Alleged Google Pixel Fold Appears Online

Google Pixel Fold leak footage

There have been rumours about internet search giant Google making its own foldable phone since 2019, shortly after Samsung made the first Galaxy Fold. More recently, there have been renders and mockups, but it looks like a short clip of the Google Pixel Fold in action has made its way online. At least, so claims industry leakster Kuba Wojciechowski.

Said leakster shared the very clip in question which, as the leakster tells The Verge, is over a month old. Truth be told, beyond Wojciechowski’s claims, there is nothing really to indicate that it is indeed a Google Pixel Fold. There are none of the usual brand markings that you usually see on a commercial product, nor are there any distinctive design features that would set it apart from other foldable phones. In fact, the lack of any branding makes it look more like a prototype.

Other details previously leaked regarding the Google Pixel Fold include its sizes in its two modes, with a measurement of 5.8 inches while in phone mode, and 7.6 inches when unfolded into its tablet mode. Inside, it will be running the company’s own Tensor G2 chip, as well as a battey that that can allow it to last 24 hours on a single charge. When a low power mode is engaged, this can be further stretched to 72 hours.

Google Pixel Fold leak footage unfold
Source: Kuba Wojciechowski / Twitter.

As for when it will be officially unveiled, the Google Pixel Fold is currently slated for its official debut during the I/O event on 10 May 2023. It will begin shipping sometime in the month after, with a price tag of US$1700 (~RM7544). Though as with the many Pixel products that have come before, it’s likely that the internet search giant will not be rolling out its foldable device worldwide. Other devices are also expected during this launch event, including the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel 7A.

(Source: Kuba Wojciechowski / Twitter, The Verge, CNBC)

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