CIMB Experiences Technical Difficulties For Online Transactions [UPDATE]

CIMB Clicks App Website technical issue

[UPDATE: 1 July 222 – 5:00pm] CIMB has confirmed with us that the technical difficulties surrounding its online transaction system have been resolved. A representative adds that the bank has issued a statement on Facebook as well as informing users on Twitter of the maintenance’s completion, assuring that all online transaction services including DuitNow are now operating as per usual. CIMB did not comment regarding the cause of the issue.

[Original article: 1 July 2022 – 2:58pm]

CIMB has confirmed that it is experiencing a technical issue for online transactions, which has affected both its website and CIMB Clicks mobile app. Based on the numerous complaints from users on Twitter, the problem has been present for several hours today and is still unresolved at the time of writing.

According to several tweets, both the CIMB website and CIMB Clicks app will display an error prompt whenever a user attempts to complete any online transactions, including instant transfers, interbank GIRO (IBG) and DuitNow . Some have also reported experiencing problems to conduct payments via their CIMB cards, or are unable to view their bank balances via the website and app. Additionally, the bank’s Bizchannel@CIMB service is reported to be inaccessible as well.

Responding to the complaints via Twitter, the bank‘s CIMB Assists account states that the issue is currently being worked on and promises to resolve it as soon as possible. CIMB has yet to reveal the cause of the technical problem at this time.

Meanwhile, customers have not reported experiencing any issues with the bank’s ATM or counter services so far. Therefore, we highly advise CIMB users to take this opportunity to withdraw physical cash from either service in order to settle any payments for the time being, at least until the bank is able to resolve this inconvenient setback.

On that note, be sure to also keep an eye out on the bank’s CIMBMalaysia and CIMB Assists accounts on Twitter for any possible updates or announcements regarding the matter. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping tabs on this as well and will keep you posted on the latest developments.

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