Be A GrabUnlimited Member Now To Save More Than RM300 Every Month


In recent years, digitisation has accelerated the pace of our lifestyle. People are expecting things to happen in less than a blink of an eye. Fast delivery, cashless payment, instant ride, immediate rewards, app launch speedily and so on. When speed is everything, certainly we need an app that can satisfy all our needs as quickly as possible.

Guess almost everyone is familiar with the green squarish icon that is most probably already on your phone right now. That’s right, we’re talking about Grab!

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First made available to consumers late last year, Grab Malaysia recently officially launched GrabUnlimited which promises a savings of over RM300 each month! Not only that, it is now being offered at a special introductory price of just 1 sen for the first month, and only RM4.90 thereafter.

But wait a minute, what is GrabUnlimited exactly?

Introducing The GrabUnlimited

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Grab want to ensure its platform remains affordable, convenient and rewarding for consumers, especially by making every Ringgit spent worth even more! This is regardless of whether they are using Grab for food delivery, zipping around town, paying for their favourite items, and many more.

This is exactly where GrabUnlimited comes into the picture: by providing loyal Grab users with extra perks that are beyond the standard reward points while allowing them to save money at the same time.

So, how’s that going to benefit you? Keep scrolling as we show you one by one!


Bringing More Value Into Your Grab Experience!

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With GrabPay, every payment is an opportunity to earn GrabRewards. Just scan a GrabPay DuitNow QR code at any GrabPay Preferred Merchant and you’ll instantly earn GrabRewards.

That’s not all though, you can even earn GrabRewards when you use GrabPay to make your purchase online or even to pay for your bills. Not to forget, PayLater also provides you with the ability to earn GrabRewards.

So now the question is, what’s the difference between getting points with or without GrabUnlimited? The answer is simple: with GrabUnlimited, you can obtain your voucher much faster as the redemption will require fewer points than before.

Imagine, back in the day you used to need at least 800 GrabRewards to claim an RM5 voucher. Grab has since reduced the amount to 750 GrabRewards which is great but now that you are a Grab Unlimited subscriber, all you need is just 500 GrabRewards to get your hands on the voucher.

Isn’t it much better? It means every RM1 you spend now is more valuable than before!

You can use your GrabRewards anywhere whether it’s in-store, online shopping, groceries or Grab services. Just so you know, there is no limit on how much GrabRewards you are entitled to redeem. So, make sure you seize every opportunity to earn your GrabRewards and use them to save even further!


Get Discounted Premium Delivery Alongside Top-Rated Drivers Anytime

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That feeling when your stomach is rumbling but your food hasn’t arrived yet…we know the wait is tiring, and things feel even worst when you’re in a hurry. Well, Grab certainly heard you — here come the Premium Delivery features to ease your mind!

With Premium Delivery, you don’t need to worry about your delayed deliveries anymore. The best part is that if you’re a GrabUnlimited member, you can enjoy this service with lower fees!

To further enhance your experience with GrabUnlimited, Grab is also making sure that you can easily have access to a dependable driver who consistently maintains a high driver rating and has a great track record with positive feedback from passengers.

So, for an urbanite like you who is always on the go, this enhanced feature is sure to complement your busy schedule.


Hot Deals or Free Delivery: Why Not Have Both With GrabUnlimited?

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In the past, you can only choose to enjoy the occasional 50% discount on your favourite meal through the Hot Deals promotion or opt for free delivery. So, you would likely weigh your options carefully every time you utilise GrabFood in order to maximise your savings while wondering why can’t you enjoy both the benefits at the same time.

Surprise, surprise! With GrabUnlimited, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds by stacking your Hot Deals offer with Free Delivery! Aren’t we all waiting for this great opportunity all this while?

Merchants that were once far away or costly, are now more affordable and accessible. So, why sacrifice your cravings when you have GrabUnlimited, right?

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Not only that, GrabUnlimited members will also be rewarded with two sets of discount vouchers: Exclusive Monthly Promotions which vary from month to month, and Subscription Vouchers which are a standard number of vouchers each month. Subscription vouchers include free delivery for GrabFood and GrabMart alongside GrabFood self pick-up discounts and a special GrabRide offer from any airports in Malaysia.


It Only Takes 1 Sen To Unlock The Best of Grab Right Now!

If you’re a Grab user, regardless of light or heavy, you can indeed start benefiting from GrabUnlimited the moment you sign up for it. Even when you have to pay RM4.90 for the following months, it will still be worthwhile because you could easily notice your savings after your first or second GrabFood delivery order.

So peeps, all you have to do right now is open the Grab app on your phone (download it here if you haven’t done so!), click on the Account icon located on the bottom right part of the app, choose Subscriptions, and tap on the ‘GrabUnlimited’’ option.

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Give the details a read and once you feel that you are good to go, tap on the “Get this plan” option. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete your checkout through GrabPay Wallet and voila, you can now unlock the best of Grab with all the benefits provided by GrabUnlimited!

Interested to learn more about it? Just click here to visit Grab Malaysia’s official website or check out their Facebook page!

This article is brought to you by Grab.

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