Alleged Intel 13th Gen Core i7-13700K Overclocked To 6GHz

Details about a 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700K have emerged, showing off what appears to be its performance while being overclocked to a relatively extreme level.

Details of the 13700K’s performance were supposedly sent over to Videocardz anonymously and show the CPU being pushed to operate at a constant 6GHz on all cores. To put it simply, that’s actually quite impressive, given that an earlier leak showed an alleged Core i9-13900K only running at 5.5GHz for all cores.

Now, we say all cores, but to be precise, the overclocker behind the action had actually disabled all eight of the smaller cores, also known as the Efficient Cores (E-Cores). To be fair, the act has been par for the course, at least since the launch of Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors. This is due to the fact that none of the E-Cores is, technically speaking, overclockable.

Moving along, the overclocker also had to increase the 13700K’s voltage, to which the screenshot shows it to be set at 1.421V. The same screenshot also shows the temperature to be hovering between 25°C and 37°C, meaning that the details were captured post-testing. Also, the individual tested the CPU’s performance with CPU-Z’s benchmark.

Obviously, by disabling the E-Cores, the 13700K clearly isn’t going to make waves in the multi-core test. To that end, it scored 7814 points in that portion of the test. Over at the single-core test, though, having all the P-Cores running at 6GHz netted a score of 983 points. Again, that’s even higher than what the 13900K supposedly achieves when given the same treatment.

For another matter, the overclocker also tested the same 13700K in hybrid mode, with all cores – including the E-Cores – fired up. In this test, they set the clocks of the P-Core to 5.8GHz, while the E-Cores are left to run at 3.7GHz. The end results are 947 points on the single-core test, and a significant boost in the multi-threaded test with 12896 points. Again, the temperature of the CPU clearly taken after the testing, registering between 28°C and 35°C.

At this stage, there are still no official details coming out from Intel on Raptor Lake and given the circumstances, the 13700K here is very likely an engineering sample, meaning that the final product could perform wildly different from what is being shown here. So, with that said, the recommended intake of sodium applies here.

(Source: Videocardz)

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