Alleged Google Pixel 7 Prototype Appears On eBay

Images allegedly belonging to the Google Pixel 7 appear to have made their way online and more specifically, onto the product listing of eBay. These images serve as our clearest first look of the phone, since its announcement at Google’s annual I/O event this year.

The pictures of the alleged device were first posted on Reddit, where it was discovered by Twitter user Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman). Whoever is trying to sell the unreleased device on eBay is quite brazen and, to put it in a slightly less polite manner, has quite the pair on them.

Based on the Pixel 7 images found on the listing, the phone model sports a deep black casing­ that looks a lot like the “Obsidian” theme that was announced just weeks ago, alongside the Pixel 7 Pro. Also, much like its predecessor, the staple camera bar also returns with two lenses at the rear, only this time, the cutout around it is made of aluminium, instead of glass and plastic.

It is also worth mentioning that one of the photos on the eBay listing showed the storage capacity of the Pixel 7, which is listed as 128GB. While still unconfirmed, this could potentially mean that Google will be offering a Pixel 7 with that internal storage capacity, alongside a 256GB variant, if Google were to maintain its current trend. To recap, when Google launched the Pixel 6, it offered the phone both in 128GB and 256GB variations, while the 6 Pro also had a 512GB option. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if the Pixel 7 Pro actually launched in the same storage schemes.

Other details of the Pixel 7 point to the phone being powered by Google’s 2nd generation Tensor chipset. In addition, besides the presented colour above­, which is one of the three, they will supposedly have designs available in colours such as “Lemongrass” and “Snow.”

(Image source: The Verge.)

At the time of writing, the eBay listing for the alleged Pixel 7 has since been shut down, which isn’t surprising, given how big tech companies work have shown how zealous they can be, especially when the leak of an unannounced or yet-to-launch product is involved. Also, while these images are exciting, it is unlikely that the phone and its Pro variant will be coming to our shores anytime soon. At least, not officially.

(Source: The Verge, Engadget, 9to5Google)

Irfan Iskandar contributed to this article.

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