airasia food Introduces Air-Flown Food Delivery From Penang To Klang Valley

airasia penang intercity food delivery

If you’re a die-hard Penang foodie living in Klang Valley, AirAsia will be providing you some relief as you won’t have to drive all the way to the north to get your fixing. The super app has just announced that airasia food will now be offering intercity food deliveries, specifically from Penang to Klang Valley.

Yes, you read that right, AirAsia will allow those living in Klang Valley to order cooked food all the way from Penang, air-flown across the country. However, there are some mighty caveats that will result in you possibly having to wait a while to satisfy your cravings.

airasia intercity food delivery penang
Image: AirAsia

The options for the air-flown intercity deliveries are quite limited as of writing, with only about eight or so restaurants currently involved with the platform, although AirAsia says that more restaurants will be added in the future. On top of the small number of shops to choose from, each one has a very limited menu, with most offering just one item.

Deliveries are done only once a week on every Wednesday with orders closing at 5PM the day before, so if you miss that Tuesday window, you will have to wait for next week’s slot. Users also have the option of pre-ordering up to 30 days in advance.

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The air-flown deliveries from Penang only cost a total of RM5.99 per order – broken down as RM2.99 for the regular delivery to your doorstep and an additional RM3 for intercity delivery. Keep in mind that the service is only one-way, so Penang users can’t order food from Klang Valley, unfortunately.

While the service seems quite exciting, it raises the question of what condition the food will arrive in after being flown in. To answer that, we’ve decided to give it a go ourselves, so look forward to our upcoming review of AirAsia’s air-flown intercity food delivery to find out whether it’s worth a try.

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